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Colosseum - Rome, ItalyItaly had been in my travel wish list for as long as I can remember and a couple of weeks ago I finally made my dream come true! My boyfriend and I did a little trip to Rome, Amalfi and Capri in 7 days. 

Pane e Salami - Rome restaurant recommendation

We started our trip in Rome. Even though, I definitely had high expectation for Rome (having been a massive fan of Mary Kate & Ashley's When in Rome and Lizzie McGuire's Movie), but somehow Rome had managed to exceed all of my expectations. Colosseum was beautiful and rich with history. Trevi Foundation was breathtaking and more beautiful than I could ever imagined. The food was just scrumptious and just better than all the Italian food I've ever tried in all my life, combined. I would highly recommend Pane e Salami as an awesome lunch place for both sandwiches and meat board. Hedera has the tastiest gelato and no other gelato had even came closed to being as delicious. 

Path of the Gods - Amalfi Coast, Positano
When we arrived at Amalfi Coast, my boyfriend and I decided to spend a day trekking on the Path of the Gods which is something that I would highly recommend by the way. Even as someone who isn't that particular keen on that kind of thing, the view from the trek was just simply too wonderful to miss out. The trek itself wasn't too difficult to complete either. Add it to your to do list! 

Faraglioni - Capri, Italy

For me, Capri was a disappointment of Italy. Everything is overpriced, the beauty is just so-so and throughout the stay I felt like I was stuck in Chelsea, the island. Too many people were walking around with Louis Vuitton and Chanel as their beach bag. The things I did enjoy were the view of Capri from Anacapri and the boat trip around the island. The picture above is of Faraglioni and it's said that if you kiss your other half as you go through the arch, you will stay together for a lifetime. It's all very lovey-dovey and cute.  

Have you been to Italy?

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  1. Haven't been to Capri but I agree that Rome and the Amalfi coast are really worth the visit. So glad to hear someone else loved the Lizzie McGuire movie and When In Rome! Haha


  2. Yes, I certainly have been to Italy! Sadly not the places you have
    mentioned here. Gosh I miss Italian gelato! And Amalfi Coast looks
    gooorgeous xx Ice Pandora

  3. Looks great, glad to read your sharing, thank you :)