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Firstly, I am going to start this off with a massive disclaimer. I don't work with brands as a blogger very often but I work with bloggers as a brand everyday (you get me?). It's my job to contact bloggers pretty much on a daily basis and I am not saying that what I write here is the ultimate guide but it's just all from my point of view at the end of the day. 
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The Initial Contact
I regularly get emails and messages from blogger wanting to collaborate and the ones that grab my attention would the ones that have a clear and concise message about their blog/stats and link to their profile. I don't need your life story (sometimes it's nice to read a bit about you but that's what your 'About' page is for). Don't lie about your stats because I can see them...(no point saying you have 15K Instagram followers if you only have about 15 likes per post, no one is buying it). 

TIP: Send a brief message about you/your blog, a few stats and what you want from the collaboration. For example, "Hi, my name is xxx. I have a blog with xxxx followers and I would like to collaborate with you on _____".

The Greediness Balance
Yes, it is very exciting to be working with brands and getting free products. However, don't be greedy! I have had people that basically send me a shopping list of about 20 products and when she received the parcel and found out that I didn't send her everything, she decided kick up a fuss and was very rude to me. Rudeness and greediness mean that you have burn down the bridge with that brand. If the brand were generous enough to let you choose products you want. Bring yourself back a little bit and think that it's probably not a great idea to ask anyone for 3 ghds... 

When the money are being exchange for posts, don't just pull a random number out of your a**. Think if the amount is well justify for the amount of followers and coverage you have. I have seen one person asking $40K for one video. I laughed...and then I cried a little bit inside... I also would expect professionalism for any paid posts as well, I do not want to see you grumpy and crank all throughout that video (yes, that happened before). If you are having a bad day, just don't film. 

TIP: Ask for what you want and say "oh, any of these would be great but it's up to you what you would like to send me :)". 

The Communication
When you receive products, it's always polite to let the brand know. It doesn't take a lot, a simple email will do and let them know when they can expect a post. Email them again when the post goes live. Post when you say you are going to or if you have any issues why you can't post. Let the brand know because you blog might be your hobby but it's someone's job. 

The Important Notes
Always mention where you got the products from, especially when you are working with a retailer. They didn't send you products out the goodness of their heart. Link to the site and the products. List any information they have given you (e.g. discount code). I know this might sounds like common sense but you'd be surprise by how many people that do not do this and just pretend that they bought the products themselves (I don't think that this is even legal). 

The Honesty
Some people might feel like they have to be nice to brands because they received the products for free but honestly you don't have to be as long as your opinions are well justified. For example, if they shipping takes forever and the parcel came damaged, let the brand know but don't be rude. As a blogger, I find the fact that some bloggers do not put a disclaimer on their posts/videos can be misconstrued as dishonest and make me trust their opinions less. 

That's all from my personal experience from working with bloggers/youtubers. Obviously if you disagree with anything I've said, do let me know. Although, I have to say that I really do enjoy my job and nothing pleases me more than when I sent products to people and they ended up loving it. I feel a bit like father Christmas haha. 

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  1. Gosh, I can't believe people have the audacity to complain about items not being in the package when you're doing it as a kind gesture!
    Love this post though hun! very detailed :)

    Ploy x


    1. Thank you, I'm so happy you enjoy it. I was worried about posting it for ages!


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