A Graduate Guide to Graduation

How crazy is it that it has been nearly a year since my graduation from university? Let me tell you, the first 6 months after graduation is the hardest but things do get better after that!

To be very honest with everyone, about a year before my graduation I had this image of what I want to look like on my graduation day and I spent quite a bit of time looking for the perfect dress and shoes to go with it (in hindsight, I should have spent more time revising haha). This might seem like a shallow moment for some people but to me, it was a very special occasion. Even more important than my wedding because it was a day to celebrate my hard work and of course a day where my mother can be proud of me. And obviously I wanted to look good for the graduation pictures...obviously.

Makeup and styling
One thing I truly regret about my graduation day is not getting up early enough to get ready properly. Since my graduation was at 9 in the morning, I naively thought that an hour would be enough to shower, do my hair and face but I was so wrong. I forgot to leave time to do my mum's hair and makeup and picking up the graduation gown as well. So to all you upcoming graduates out there...leave at less 2 hours to get ready so you are not rushing around. 

On special occasions, always stick for a safe look. DO NOT on any level experiment with a bold 'on-trend' look for that day. A lesson I learnt the hard way...as I look back onto my high school day pictures... Honestly, wtf was I thinking and omg why did I thought that back combing my hair was a good idea. My friends even told me my hair looked stupid...but I insisted. Anyway, back to the story... for makeup, I went for a very simple and understated look, just concentrated on the achieving a flawless base, light eye makeup, lashes and a slight pop of colour on my lips. For my hair, I just curled it and pinned one side back with hair pins (which it loosen and got messier throughout the day).  

Finding your perfect dress
For me, I imagined myself wearing a white pencil skirt dress or something that has a bit of a figure hugging shape and reaches my knees, something a bit classy. I saw a couple of dresses from ASOS that I liked but with my student budget, I couldn't afford to buy them both online (ah...being a poor student, what a life). So, as a way to save money. I usually look for dresses on eBay as some shops on there will sell new ASOS dresses at a discounted price.  

Getting your perfect shoes
I wanted a pair of shoes that I can walk in... I mean no one want to trip over when they are walking across the stage (a la Lizzie McGuire). Nude colour shoes for me is always a good idea because they will make my short legs look longer. The shoes I went for was also bought on ASOS but it's the Steve Madden shoes because I have had several pair of Steve Madden and I find them to be very comfortable for my feet. 

Not forgetting the essentials
Bring a lot of safety pins because that graduation gown is not going to stay on you by itself. I spent the majority of my day adjusting my gown and pulling it up because it kept sliding off... 
However, most importantly remember to cherish every moments and enjoy yourself. 

P.S. How cute was my flower bouquet that my mum made me?

 *Throws your mortarboards in the air like you just don't care*

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  1. Happy one year anniversary of graduating c:
    And I don't think you hair did not look stupid!
    You looked lovely and classy! xx ICE PANDORA

    1. Thank you! Time flies!

      The stupid hair picture will hopefully will never make it onto the internet haha.


  2. Nice post, thanks so much for this sharing!